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Customsized Magento

If you're building your online business from scratch or open a brand new shop, there are many factors to be taken into account for the smooth development of your business.


You can divide the work among multiple companies or developers. You can also start from scratch and choose the right company that will be responsible for the overall operation of your e-shop.

We are competent to manage the care of the entire life cycle of your e-shop, from design concept to its construction to the charge of its operation. For many existing customers and we are stewards shop for many years.

To create a Magento

  1. 1

    Analysis of your needs

    We analyze the needs of your industry and suggest the most appropriate solution designed for you.

  2. 2

    Draft design and functionality

    Custom graphic design to the latest trends, tailored directly to your company, including business functions that give customers a reason to shop in your area.

  3. 3


    With proper programming looks like your e-shop as well in the web browser, and mobile.

  4. 4

    Testing and training

    After programming and testing will be your e-shop located on the test server, where it will be able to try. Our trained staff will provide support and practical advice.

  5. 5

    Data transfer

    Transferring your data from previous systems, or previous business to a new shop is often overlooked, yet very important part.

  6. 6

    Store launch

    Once you have tried trade, nothing prevents us to publicly put into operation.

  7. 7

    Added services

    Thanks to Viahelp will be trained personnel to assist your work with the online store, not only in the beginning, but whenever you actually need.

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